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er sell ENERGY STAR®

Saving Energy and saving money clearly related. An e cigarette is a smoking device with a battery that creates vapor. This electronic cigarette review site allows you to compare e cigarette brands and calculate how much money you can save. Save energy, save money, don't litter and save lives.

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Saving you money and conserving energy is our mission. We have a great selection of energy saving products that will benefit you and the environment.

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iconWhen cooking your holiday dinner, you donít need to preheat the oven unless youíre baking. You'll save energy and it will still taste great!iconTIP: Save energy when you go out of town by turning off lights, lowering the heat, and turning off the water heater.
iconWhat little thing did you do today to save energy?iconResolution Time! This year make a pact with a friend to help each other save energy. it's easier to stick with your goals when you share.
iconResponsible Living tip - Turn your monitor off instead of running your screen saver and save energy.iconSet the thermostat when you're not home to save energy.
iconTuesday Tip: Install timers on outdoor lighting displays to save energy this holiday season.iconWindows 7 has got a power management feature which helps you to save energy & it is more accessible than previous versions of Windows.
iconGreen Computing Tip: Before you take off for the holidays, unplug your electronics to save energy.iconRadiant floor heating is estimated to save energy by reducing energy bill expenses to the extent of 20 to 40 percent of the energy bills.

Energy Saving Starter Quick Tips

cfl light bulb


  • Replace all regular light bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) and save 75% on lighting costs.
  • Turn-off lights when no-one is in the room.
Energy Star Appliances

Appliances and Electronics

  • When not in use turn-off devices such as computers, monitors, TVs, DSL, Wireless, etc.
  • Use power strips for all devices including cell or iPod charges, fans, radios, etc. Turn-off power strips since these devices draw energy even if turned off.
  • Purchase energy-efficient products when making new purchases.
  • Wait until after 7 PM to run appliances such as washers, dryers, and dish washers.
Heating and Cooling

Heating and Cooling

  • Insulate Windows, Doors, and Pipes.
  • Adjust your Air Conditioning Thermostat to 78 ° F (health permitting)

Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle

  • Avoid single use of coffee and water cups, plastic and paper plates, and grocery bags. Producing those items requires energy and natural resources.
  • Use washable coffee mugs, real glasses & plates, and re-usable grocery bags.
  • Only take as many napkins as you need. Donít throw away unused napkins, take them with you for later use.

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Shared tips, stories, thoughts, info and more 
The Forever Green Lamp (induction) is the most energy efficient light source available today. Visit us at www.forevergreenlighting.net
on 2010-01-08

Replace your five most frequently used light bulbs with CFL bulbs and you'll use less energy which means less pollution from power plants.
on 2009-04-24

Aim and align sprinklers properly to optimize water usage. Repair leaks.
on 2009-04-21

Save water: Don't run the washing machine unless it is fully loaded!
on 2009-03-26

It makes me angry when I see people outside their car for a while and the engine running. What a waste! How can we change peoples awareness?
on 2009-03-14

Don't defrost food under running water. Defrost overnight in the fridge or use your microwave oven.
on 2009-03-09

recycle! recycle! recycle!
on 2009-03-07

Clean sidewalks without water! Use a broom not a hose. Did you know that in L.A. it is illegal to use a hose as a broom.
on 2009-02-24

Landscaping and saving water: reduce waste of water due to evaporation by watering before 8 AM.
on 2009-02-23

In Winter reverse the direction of ceiling fans and run on slowest speed to help send warm air down to the living area.
on 2009-02-17

In Winter: keep draperies and shades on south facing windows open during day to allow sunlight to enter your home but close at night.
on 2009-02-16

Use Electricity Usage Monitor to see how much some devices (not in use) cost you. It is eye opening & fun! Such monitors are about $30.
on 2009-02-11

Ask if you could work from home once a week assuming you are setup to do so: laptop, DSL, etc. You may be more productive! And save on gas!
on 2009-02-09

Heating cost reduction: When fireplace not in use, close glass fireplace doors and damper to prevent heat from going up the chimney.
on 2009-02-06

Please do not waste paper napkins! Only take as many as you need. Take unused napkins back home or to the office. Save them for later.
on 2009-02-06

Area heaters allow you to warm just the occupied rooms. You can keep the rest of your rooms at cooler, more economical temperatures.
on 2009-02-06

Here is a great ENERGY Star page for kids: http://tinyurl.com/3u97hm
on 2009-02-06

Don't take the elevator if you can walk it. It is good exercise for you and it saves electricity. A win-win situation.
on 2009-02-06

To reduce (hot) water use simply install low-flow shower-heads and sink aerators.
on 2009-02-06

If you get to-go coffee every day then make it a habit to bring your own reusable coffee cup. Use your own mug/cup in the office!
on 2009-02-06

Don't use the fireplace. It is not energy efficient.
on 2009-02-06

Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!
on 2009-02-06

Check furnace or AC filter monthly - clean or replace as needed. Dirty filters increase your energy bill and reduce equipment%u2019s life.
on 2009-02-06

Turn off devices not in use: lights, computers, monitors, TVs, DVD players, etc. Unplug phone chargers and use power strips.
on 2009-02-06

Set your thermostat to a lower temperature at night and during the day when no one is home
on 2009-02-06

Get a window insulation kit and seal your windows and doors. You don't have to be a handy man to do this!
on 2009-02-06

Lower the temperature setting of our water heater and save on your energy bill.
on 2009-02-06


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